Stick POP Portable Printer Concept: Print Your Documents Anywhere, Anytime

Technology has changed expeditiously over the years, and it advances with a geometric progression rather than an arithmetical one. Every technology product we use daily is getting smaller and smarter each day, and probably this tiny handheld printer you see above could be the next must-have gadget in the next few years if it were to be brought to reality.

Designed by Jihun Kang, Youngho Lee, Jieun Lee & Changsu Lee, the Stick POP is a portable printer concept enables us to print our documents anywhere and anytime. Measuring 23 cm by 6 cm (9 inch by 2 inch), this portable printer could easily fit well in your bag. It comes with an OLED display interface that is free of surrounding environments such as water and dust, and can even and show the exact measurements in any situations. Since the Stick POP is meant to be portable, it uses batteries to power the printer and users need not to charge it with an external electrical source. To print, simply hook it up to your computer or other exterior devices via USB.

Via YankoDesign