Sunshine Suites: A place where your start-up can grow

Start-ups take tons of money. I mean look at the recent start-up Dropbox, before you can get capital from investors, your’e going to need a place to network and build your company, for a cheap price. Once you have a basic business plan, investors will come to help you build your company. Won’t you need a place to do this, to create your business plan? Once you have your buisiness going, won’t you need a place to run it? That’s where Sunshine Suites steps in.

Today I interviewed Cheni Yerushalmi, co-founder of Sunshine. The interview meant to be recorded, but of course it didn’t work. Cheni told me all about the company, and I am really excited to share, even without the audio. Cheni said over and over, “you have to get out of the house”. Which I can certainly believe. How are you going to network with people, to build your company, in your basement?

A company that has been around for 8 years has to be doing something right. Sunshine has also housed some of the world’s top companies and entrepreneurs, including Gary Vaynerchuck and Adobe. One thing Cheni pointed out is how expensive office spaces are. Why not spend a very small amount of money on a suite? It offers the same bonuses as an office does, and maybe even more.

In a work environment with 700 (well really 1400 but it’s across 2 locations) other people you are obviously going to network. Isn’t that how a start-up should build their business? Being out of your house you will be enabled to hold meetings easier, meet people, and work with more people. The plans are so cheap!

ThinkTank ($375.00 a month)

With four desks, you and a small team can get tons of work done. Being open 24/7, have your team come in at any point of the day to work on whatever is assigned. For $375.00 a month your whole business can have a place to operate. You are given 8 hours free a month, to be in the conference room and present whatever you need.

Partner Solution ($425.00 a month)

Is it just you and a business partner doing the full operation? Why not buy the partner suite? You are given 2 huge desks to do all your work, being next to your partner the whole time to collaborate and share ideas. Again, you are given 8 hours free a month, to be in the conference room and present whatever you need.

Private ($525.00 a month)

You need your own private desk. You’re probably thinking, “well can’t I just use my desk at home”? The answer is no. You need to get out of the house to again, network, and get away from the wife and children and have your own private suite. Again, you are given 8 hours free a month, to be in the conference room and present whatever you need.

I asked Cheni, “with 700 people in the same area wouldn’t it get kind of noisy”? The answer he gave me was flat out no. He said that only 30% of the people that have suites are there at a given time, since people can come and go as they like, 24/7.

This place is perfect for anyone with a business to run or a start-up to create. Look at all the opportunities for you. You have 700 people you can network with and get ideas. Cheni insured me safety is not an issue. One would think it would be because of the come and go feeling to it, but it really isn’t. Sunshine runs background checks on everyone, audio monitors, and security cameras. Each suite can lock, protecting your valuables.

Sunshine suites is for you, visit Sunshine Suites to learn more or you can contact Cheni himself.

Located in New York City, currently hosting 1400 people, across two locations.