TagCK: A Wonderful Blog Widget Which Is Designed By Me

Maybe you have noticed that I always write one post per day but yesterday I’ve skipped. Well, actually recently, I am busy developing a blog widget called TagCK. It functions something like Cbox (a chat box). In here, there are some interesting or special features and let me introduce them to you.

1. TagCK is Tag+Click

Everything in TagCK is very idiot-proof. If you want to tag a post, all you need is to type you message and then click “Tag!” or press “Enter”. This is one of the user-friendly designs among all chat boxes.

2. No nickname, e-mail, url at all

I hate all these information, tagging is a type of support or comment, but if there is a tagbox with nickname, e-mail, url, then it can be the same as a comment. In this case, I decided to let everything social and anonymous – you do not need to write anything except your message, just like in Twitter.

3. You represent your country

Without nickname, I can only use client information to identify visitors and an easy way is by using country. TagCK is using an official IP-List and updates every week, so when you tag a post, you represent your country. Also, it has been said that this feature can prevent some users from posting spam messages.

4. Get title automatically

I think this feature can be a very innovative idea, because at present, most of tagbox services display URL or display nothing, I was designing a blog widget, so I can use title! There is a background program on my server to auto-get titles of these pages. Also, this feature can help you to retain your visitors, as TagCK will tell visitors who tagged what on which page, it can be very helpful to attract visitors to read more sometimes.

5. Everyone can use the same code

There is only one line of Javascript code, therefore you do not need to register for grabbing a TagCK. Everything is automatic and simple, just insert this script, and you can get a “Hello World!” tag at once.

6. Good user experience

It took me more than 4 hours to design the box, and I think I still need to continue working hard on it, I am trying to make it more user-friendly.

7. Long-time data storage

At present, I haven’t decide when to remove old tags. Actually, I am hosting all of your tags so I must keep them for a long time. In the future, maybe you can store them in your own website permanently, or continue storing on my server for about 90 days, I think that’s enough for most users. And there will be premium users which can store longer time in the future.

8. No ads and free for all

As well, I hate ads! Advertisement is totally a bad way to make money in platforms. I will use something like donations, premium subscriptions or some brillant ideas such as channel marketing to boost revenues from this project. And of course, I’ve planned to make it Open-Source already!

9. Still improving and updating

This is the advantage of platforms especially for open-source platforms. I can keep improving and updating it, and you don’t need to change anything. Currently I’m  looking for suggestions and if you have any, I hope you can leave comment below or send it to the project e-mail (tagck@xwaylab.com).

10. Waiting for you

I believe you have found some advantages already and if you think TagCK is not good or need some improvements, you can send an e-mail to me. Your suggestions will be very very useful for me. If you think TagCK is perfect for your blog, then grab a TagCK at once! Embedding a TagCK in your blog is the best way to support me!

Remember this please: http://tagck.com