Tap Tap Revenge 3 BUG! “Full Combo” (100% HIT) Without Tapping

ttr3bug1A few weeks ago, Tapulous released Tap Tap Revenge 3, which is the latest version with dozens of new features and better social experience. I installed TTR3 this week and incidentally, I found a huge bug inside this app.

I started the game and accidentally hit the Power button during the game, and the music paused immediately as normal. However, when I hit the button again and unlocked the device, the music continued while the popup window “Game Paused” was still on the screen. The most interesting part is, I didn’t tap the “Resume” button until the track finished (i.e. all the tappers had gone), and I found that after I resumed the game, all the missed tappers were considered “perfectly hit” and calculated into the streak!

I repeated this experiment again and again and I found that it’s quite easy to get a Full Combo after a few attempts. This bug “works” for all songs, no matter themed, purchased or whatever.

But there are also a few limitations with this bug. Firstly, you cannot get a high score if you let your device “tap” for you as it cannot “shake for 8x” and “activate 16x” for you, so it’s always tapping at 4x with 100% accuracy. Secondly, just because of this├é┬álimitation, you cannot beat human players easily; actually I can get much higher scores than my iPod. Thirdly, it is not working for online games.

Anyway, I share this bug with you just for fun; don’t misuse this to cheat please. Also I hope Tapulous can notice this problem and fix the bug soon.

Here are some screenshots I took to show why this bug is so serious.

Loading the song…

Pause the game, but music is still playing.

All the tappers are automatically “tapped” at the same time, at 4x with 100% accuracy.

Still “tapping”, but you can see the stars are not tapped.

Got 100% Tap Acc and full streak! (The score is actually a little low for this song)