TeenPress – Teen Blogging Competition Organized by TechXav

TechXav has reached its one year milestone, and we have garnered more than half a million visitors till date. In an effort to expand the TechXav Network, our young and dedicated team has been cracking our brains for new ideas lately.

Few days ago, we launched a new site called Teenchnology.com. It’s a free blogging platform that encourages teens between the age of 13 to 18 to write articles encircling around social media, internet, gadgets, etc. Our main objective is to provide the root to help teens begin their tech entrepreneurship journey while they overcome adolescence to become adults, and to also show adults that teens have the capability to blog as well as them.

To commemorate TechXav’s one year anniversary and the launch of Teenchnology, we will be holding an exciting blogging competition called TeenPress. Unlike other blogging competitions, TeenPress is targeted at teens only, and it has many exclusive features:

  • We use the number of visitors your blog has garnered (50%) and public voting results (50%) to determine the winners of the competition. Fair and accurate.
  • TechXav has a strong presence on Twitter and Facebook and we will promote interesting posts you have written to generate more traffic for you. Even if you don’t win after all, at least you would be proud to say that “Wow, my articles are actually enjoyed by adults at least twice our age! That’s so cool!”
  • You are only competing with teens, and you should be much more confident, right?
  • Our prizes are not just to impress you, but to encourage you to aim higher.
  • Winners will stand a chance to join The TechXav Network or become an author of TechXav.

We will ensure that you will get to taste a once-in-a-life-time experience while blogging at TeenPress Blogging Competition. For example, you will be competing head-to-head with other participants, learn a lot of useful skills along the way, and most importantly, see how your traffic quadruples each week!

Sponsored by VPS.NET, winners can get up to one-year free service of VPS.NET Cloud Hosting, so that you can host your blogs with a professional and scalable Cloud Computing Platform to be ready for massive re-tweets. We simply believe that winners of this competition will definitely be repeating the success we’ve got with TechXav, and probably may ben even better than us!

You can either use your self-hosted blogs or simply sign up for a new one at Teenchnology to take part in this competition. You can also import your existing community-hosted blogs (Blogger, WordPress.com) into Teenchnology and use your own domain names. Unlike other competitions, we give you maximum freedom to participate, and you got nothing to lose! So what are you waiting for? Simply head over to our registration page to get started!

Don’t miss out! The deadline of registration is March 18, 2010. And the earlier you register, the more time you will have for preparation!