The Droid can Beat the iPhone? YES!


Recently, the Motorola Droid was released. The Droid is said to be the best Android phone released to date. I certainly agree.

The iPhone is getting so boring! We have been using the same iPhone software for 3 years, and for two years, the same applications. If Apple does not start adding new features and a new UI (user interface) we will see other phones come on top, like the Droid.

Apple is just to strict. They don’t allow the good applications on the App Store! Even developers are moving on to the Android platform, just because of flexibility and the little amount of restrictions, the developers want. The Android application platform is based around Open Source. This will allow for anyone to add code to the application, giving the community a say.

Who doesn’t use Google, we all use something from them. They are our main service for internet applications. The Droid has great email, Google’s navigation, and Google Voice. This can beat anything the iPhone has.

The one downfall of the Droid (right now) is the application catalog. As I said earlier, a lot of developers are moving over, but it just doesn’t have the 50,000 applications the iPhone has. Maybe some of them are pointless, but some of them standout.

The biggest reason is the network. We all know Verizon dominates AT&T. So the Droid might be worth switching to, if you don’t get enough coverage in your area.

The Droid is a great phone. It is just a matter of opinion if you like it over the iPhone. I would love to hear the TechXav community give me some feedback on this Droid/iPhone subject.