The Google Books Monster Will Eat Up Your Library [PIC]

Asaf Hanuka’s two-mouthed Google Books monster, which was featured in this month’s issue of California Lawyer, paints a grim picture of how the search juggernaut is actually trying to demolish physical libraries, and groups are protesting Google’s plan to scan millions of books and build the biggest digital library store. This graphic you see below, however seems to contradict Google’s famous slogan — Don’t Be Evil.

The controversy over Google Books Search goes all the way back to 2005 when Google decided to to carry out an ambitious plan to make digital copies of 10 million volumes by 2015 and create a vast library of electronic books. It has caused outrage and unhappiness among many publishers all over the world, citing “massive copyright infringement” and that Google has no right to copy full text of books with copyrights and save them, in large amounts, into its own database.

You can read more about what’s at stake legally and financially for the players involved in the Google settlement over at California Lawyer.