The Worst Logo Design of 2009: Bing!

According to the folks at UnderConsideration, the worst logo design of 2009 is Microsoft’s new search engine – Bing. But it isn’t just them who HATE the design of the logo. When the logo was first released in May 2009, many people claimed that the logo is “butt ugly”, “outdated” and “amateurish”. And guess what – the logo is actually designed by Razorfish, one of the world’s largest interactive agencies acquired by Microsoft in 2007 for $6 billion!

Negative responses made by Typography fans on the Typophile forums:

Ed_Aranda: “Initial impression: Seems outdated already (might have been trendy a few years ago). Letter n looks bloated. I don’t like it.”

apankrat: “This is not just bad. It is butt ugly. I’d be ashamed if someone walked on me using a site with this kaka on it :)”

sanideos: “Why on earth did they decide to name it “bing” in the first place?And they did. The logo is just terrible.”

In my personal opinion, the logo seems so-so. The design is neither outstanding nor stupendously grim. But what I dislike is its name Bing. It just sounds too weird and awful. In Chinese, Bing can mean several things – Chinese flatbread or disease. Disease? Yes! Couldn’t Microsoft come up with a better and much more meaningful name?

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