3 Major Problems of Modern Internet That Haven’t Been Solved

The Modern World Wide Web has never been perfect for all of us and there are always different types of issues which people are dissatisfied of. However, these problems may be opportunities for that certain people to start businesses. In this post, I will lead you to discover three major problems users faced. If you are a professional web designer/developer or an entrepreneur, you may find these information interesting and useful for your further plans.

Problem 1: Social Web has never been a good source of revenues

You may say that some social web titans such as Facebook, MySpace, etc have already made lots of money. However, they are still using traditional methods like advertisements to generate money instead of some “innovative” ways for business such as channel marketing or data package.

There will be many opportunities in social web marketing as it has not developed so much at present. Discovering new and innovative business models should still be the main focus of entrepreneurs now.

In my own opinion, the main reason why social web marketing is still not really popular and effective is due to the recent global financial crisis. Since enterprise users do not have enough cash to do such marketings on the web, they aren’t willing to burn a fire in their pockets to pay for such unnecessary things. Besides that investors, one of the worst-hit category are also lack in cash, thus they cannot help those really effective business models which requires a large amount of “gold” to grow.

After this evil financial crisis is over, I am pretty sure many developers around the world would start creating Internet Business and those entrepreneurs who have clever ideas or plans for business models will be able to get funding very easily. As a result, the entire industry will be changed totaly. Still waiting for opportunities? Well, think about it now!

Problem 2: Lack in market capacity of e-commerce

If you are an experienced online trader (buying or selling via ebay, amazon, etc), you may realize that e-commerce is indeed an interesting sphere for online businesses. e-commerce can help start-ups to make money at a very fast pace and lots of companies and personals out there have made lots of profits from that.

Frankly speaking, the frequency of people using e-commerce as a source of income is rather low. The volume of online trades is still hovering at a relatively low level, and improvements are needed for the convenience of ordering and transferring.

There are three streams in e-commerce which are filled with great opportunities – Information Stream, Logistics Stream and Funding Stream. Actually, in today’s world, we need all these three streams in order to achieve a complete solution and dealing with everything is the key to success in today’s e-commerce marketplace.

Problem 3: Industrialization is not completed

Of course, IT is an industry, but it does not really seems like a complete industry. The main issues are, Identity, Security and Full Solutions.

For identity, everyone should know that it is really hard to know the exact particulars of a specific person on the Internet. Hence, hacking can be executed so privately that the investigation would become extremely tough.

For security, I think most of you guys may have experienced an attack on your personal email or even bank account before as password and cookies are seriously not enough for authenticating on the Internet. We need much more powerful and secure engine to solve all these important security issues.

For full solutions, we need to promote Information Technology to traditional industries in order to boost the convenience of modern technology. For example, schools may use IT in the full educational cycle, like knowledge base, e-learning system, personal progress/performance tracker, online resource library, etc. We will need either fully traditional workflow or fully modern workflow, not half-modern workflow like what we see now.

I have the confidence to say that once someone has solved one of these three problems fully in an innovative way, this person may become an extremely famous and rich person just like Bill Gates who “rules” the desktop software revolution. Internet should be better developed for proving of modern technology, so there must be a much larger marketplace. So guys, discover now, maybe the next richest person in the world could be you!