Tiger Woods PGA Tour Game Gets Sales Boost After Scandal

Since the fateful night of the “car accident” at his Florida mansion on November 27, there’s been watershed of Tiger Woods stories in newspapers and on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. However, it seems that the media frenzy that surrounds his infamous scandal has disappeared and the negative events are starting to turn into positive ones.

According to AppShopper, a site which lists and tracks sales of iPhone/iPod Touch apps, sales of EA’s Tiger Woods PGA Tour game has increased after sliding rapidly when the scandal first broke out. The graph below shows that the PGA Tour game has reached an all-time high of #31 in the ‘Category Top 100’ listing in the past month. However, the scandal has resulted in a sudden drop to #84. Surprisingly, AppShopper reported a dramatic turnaround, rising to #70+.


Last week, consulting firm Accenture became the first sponsor to end its relationship with Tiger Woods. Gillette, another major sponsor of the billionaire athlete, has distanced itself from the golf star after the storm over his private life. Meanwhile, Nike said it supported his decision to take an indefinite break from professional golf to tackle his problems.

I believe that the billionaire athlete, which has seen its squeaky clean image tarnished by a string of affairs with over a dozen of women, will return to his original self – a ubiquitous figure with priceless advertising value. It’s just a matter of time and the spike in sales of his PGA Tour game is a good start.

Via iPhoneClub