Top 15 Young Twitter Users Under 18

Twitter is the world’s most popular micro-blogging platform and it’s growing at an exponential rate. Many people use Twitter for several reasons. For example, celebrities create so-called fan pages to reach out to their fans, bloggers promote their blogs and some others share their thoughts and opinions regarding a particular subject. From the reasons I’ve mentioned above, you’d have noticed that Twitter doesn’t seem to attract any kids probably around the the 13-16 age group at all. Here’s are 5 Reasons Why.

Despite the relatively low percentage of teenagers on Twitter, yet a number of them have shown tremendous results by garnering thousands of followers on the Twitterverse! Today, I’ve compiled a list of the “Top 15 Young Twitter Users Under 18” and here they are…

Thanks Apul Madeek-Aoud for the tip!

1. @MileyCyrus – 2,045,968 followers

Name: Miley Cyrus

Age: 16

Following: 63

Tweets: 1,969

Bio: Hi this is Miley. I love rainbows, John Lennon, and Franklin, Tennessee.


2. @TechXav – 115,037 followers

Name: Xavier Lur

Age: 15

Following: 110,155

Tweets: 5,714

Bio: 15-Year-Old Tech Blogger, Student, 100 Meters Sprinter


3. @StanleyTang – 64,024 followers

Name: Stanley Tang

Age: 16

Following: 59,706

Tweets: 2,371

Bio: 16-Year-Old Internet Entrepreneur, Marketer, Blogger, Pianist, Student. Author of eMillions –


4. @JoshLam – 51,254 followers

Name: Josh Lam

Age: 17

Following: 46,344

Tweets: 2,755

Bio: I’m a 17 year old Internet Entrepreneur, Web Designer, Blogger and Student.


5. @GotMelik – 35,891 followers

Name: Melik Yuksel

Age: 14

Following: 34,624

Tweets: 5,649

Bio: 14-year-old Blogger, Web and Graphic Designer, and Entrepreneur. Senior member of 9miles Media, a design company. Tea and grapefruit juice lover. Ninja.


6. @Monikkinom – 16,725 followers

Name: Monik Pamecha

Age: 13

Following: 14,191

Tweets: 6,961

Bio: 13 – Blogger, Web Developer, Online Marketing Enthusiast, G33k, Watches lots of Movies, Loves Soccer, his comp and twitter 🙂 Cooking = Hobby. Eating = Job.


7. @JoelDrapper – 9,066 followers

Name: Joel Drapper

Age: 15

Following: 87

Tweets: 4,862

Bio: Web Designer, Developer and Blogger!


8. @LeoNetworks – 5,283 followers

Name: Jason Pereira

Age: 18 (exception: although Jason isn’t under 18, but I will like to feature him in this list)

Following: 5,559

Tweets: 492

Bio: 18 Year Old Entrepreneur, Blogger and Marketing Consultant. Email at


9. @DanielBru – 5,055 followers

Name: Daniel Brusilovsky

Age: 16

Following: 976

Tweets: 16,282

Bio: 16 year old entrepreneur, media producer and student. CEO of Teens in Tech Networks, Marketing Dude at Qik, and Writer at TechCrunch.


10. @NadavS – 4,072 followers

Name: Nadav Saltsman

Age: 16

Following: 4,236

Tweets: 3,451

Bio: the popstar of internet marketing, 16 year old entrepreneur, high school senior, skier, jetskier, music lover, morning hater & sleeper


11. @SuperAffiliate – 3,735 followers

Name: David Wilkinson

Age: 15

Following: 255

Tweets: 4,002

Bio: I’m 15. I’m an entrepreneur. I’d like to think I’m mildly successful. I’d like to think I’m usually right. I’d like to think you’re not really reading this.


12. @GlosonTeh – 3,678 followers

Name: Gloson Teh

Age: 10

Following: 280

Tweets: 6,458

Bio: Blogger, student, kid, bookworm, pianist, funny poet. My funny poetry – | I will follow you if: –


13. @HayesPotter – 3,422 followers

Name: Hayes Potter

Age: 14

Following: 1,873

Tweets: 2,862

Bio: 14 year old web designer that drinks chocolate milk


14. @PencilBugs – 3,481 followers

Name: Jason O’Neill

Age: 13

Following: 3,421

Tweets: 2,924

Bio: Award-winning 13-year-old entrepreneur, creator of Pencil Bugs at age 9, donating to children’s hospitals, Forbes Top 10 list, writing book


15. @PathOnWay – 3,336 followers

Name: Zhou Tong

Age: 15

Following: 2,860

Tweets: 2,533

Bio: A 14-year-old teenager with good IT skills and experiences.