Tribute to Wizard of Oz on Certain Google Home Pages

“If ever, oh ever, a wiz there was
The Wizard of Oz is one because…” – Wizard of Oz, 1939

As the 1939 cinematography classic, Wizard of Oz, is one of my favorite movies of all time, I had to write about this one. So today, on August 12th, 2010, Google has updated their Google doodle today to celebrate the Wizard of Oz’s 71st anniversary. However, it does not seem to be showing up on all Google home pages, as I can see it on the Netherlands home page (eg ), for example, but not on the USA home page ( ). Other sites, however, such as CBS News, appear to be able to see it on the Google USA home page.

Wizard of Oz Google Home Page

Despite its age, the Wizard of Oz still seems strikingly modern, a testament that some forms of art, sciences, or technology can have a timeless appeal to them. However, what was especially revolutionary at the time for that movie was that it adroitly combined the newly-developed Technicolor, fantasy, and an emotionally rich and inspirational storyline. “Over the Rainbow,” sung by the beautiful actress Judy Garland, is also legendary. I have been inspired many times by that movie, and I have also written a previous post on a Worthwhile Goal for Society, that I gleaned from watching that groundbreaking movie.

An AeyTimes ideas page has also been opened on the Inspirations from the Wizard of Oz, and you may also want to comment there on how you have been inspired by the Wizard of Oz on that site.