Twitdom – Your Essential Twitter Apps Directory

Have you ever had a dilemma on what Twitter clients to use on your new Macintosh or your iPhone? Well, I had some problems choosing Twitter clients since there are so many out in the market. Twitdom is your essential Twitter applications directory. Twitdom is a database filled with Twitter-related apps, books, desktop clients and services that are available online.

When you visit Twitdom, there are quite a few categories that you can choose from. Not a Windows user? Well, they also have a Twitter clients list for Mac and Linux. Also, there are lists of apps for iPhone, Android, J2ME-compatible phones, Blackberry, Sony Ericsson and Nokia.

Seesmic for iPhone preview on Twitdom

If you’re running a business on Twitter and not sure what apps to use, Twitdom also lists down services for you such as Twitter AutoFollower for you to choose from. It makes your life much easier. But you won’t know which are the popular apps that people are using right? They do have a list where popular apps such as ƜberTwitter are featured there. The list even displays the popular apps by the number of page views they receive on their sites.

Twitdom summarizes the apps, clients and services information and gives you a direct link to the app’s site. Head on to Twitdom to get a better Twitter experience!