HOW-TO: Receive Twitter Alerts Via SMS, Email or IM

If you’re looking for a way to get Twitter alerts via SMS, email or instant message, then this is when TwitterAlerts comes in handy. It’s a service that notifies users whenever they receive a direct message, an @reply on Twitter, or a particular keyword that the user is interested in.

To start, simply head over to and sign in using Twitter OAuth. You will then be directed to a page where you’re required to key in your contact info such as your mobile phone number, email address or Yahoo ID. Next, you can add keywords you would like to keep track of, get notified when someone mentions your name or when receive a direct message, all under the “My Alerts” section. There is no limit on adding keywords.

Unfortunately, this service isn’t free for the SMS feature. The first 10 SMS alerts are free but for subsequent alerts, you would have to pay €0.06 (US$0.08) for each SMS you receive.