Twitter’s Suggested User List Gets A Revamp

The Twitter Suggested User List (SUL) has recently gotten an awesome, much needed, makeover.



The new suggested user list gives you 20 categories to pick from. Since this is a technology blog, lets go into the technology category.I find people like Kevin Rose, Gina Trapani, Mashable, Daniel Brusilovsky, TechCrunch, and Leo Laporte. Where is TechXav! We have 150,000 followers, more then alot of people in the technology category. We send tweets out about tech EVERY day. So here is what I am getting to. Twitter needs to allow users to suggest people, not the Twitter staff. If it is a suggested user list, let the community chose. Twitter needs to integrate some kind of nomination system, to let the community decide.

Besides the missing nomination system, I think the new service is actually pretty decent. It gives people a chance to look in to their favorite categories, instead of looking at the world’s┬ácelebrities.