Twittypic: A Digg-Like Service Which Collects The Most Popular Images & Videos On Twitter

twittypicPictures and videos do help us to lighten up our moody and sulky face, especially the funny ones. If you’re using Twitter, probably you can check this out. As you know, there are actually hundreds of thousands, or probably millions of images or videos shared by Twitterers. Twittypic finds the most popular images and videos on the micro-blogging platform and shows them to other users on the website.

According to the site, it scans the public timeline for mentions of media files and track them to see whether if they get re-tweeted many times. When a particular image or video becomes “hot” on Twitter, the beta website, Twittypic will then post them on the main page to share with us. Users can vote (thumbs up or down), retweet it with a shortcut link, the original tweeet, soucre of photo/video, and even allows us to comment on it.


One of the popular images which was retweeted recently is the “Twitter is over capacity. too many tweets! please wait a moment and try again.” funny whale image. Surprisingly, 10 people dislike the image and click on thumbs down. Only 4 users love the interesting “fail whale” error message whenever Twitter crashes. This website isn’t that impressive as it doesn’t really uses any complicated or special features. But at least, it can brighten up your day when you look or watch some of the images and videos.