Tynt Tracer: Another Copyscape Is Launched To Tackle Plagiarism On The Web

tracerWorry that someone who is “evil” and inconsiderate copy and paste your original content on their webpage and say that it’s theirs. This is definitely a serious problem faced by most bloggers and it’s almost relatively impossible to track them one by one. You might have used Copyscape before. It’s useful but the downside is that users would have to pay for premium features such as performing thousands of searches per month instead of only 5 and check pages automatically with the API. It costs $0.05 per search. Don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket to afford this?

Well, you can a beta start-up called Tynt Tracer, a free service which helps you monitor when your hard-work has been copied by other bloggers. With one a string of JavaScript tag to be embedded into your webpage, you can start tracking and when a person grabs a huge portion of your content without your permission, the clever system will automatically adds an attribution link to claim it as yours. Cool right? It even monitor engagement that highlights to help you learn what content your users find most engaging.

Why use Tynt Tracer? Simply it’s because it offers several comprehensive but useful features that helps bloggers fight against plagiarism and copyright. By inserting a link which looks similar to a trackback, bloggers can benefit from it as it helps to drive potential readers to your website without any effort or cost.