Virtual LockBox Lets You Send Photos and Videos Today that will be Received in the Future

virtuallockboxIt seems that technology has now made it possible to connect and enhance human relationships into the future. Virtual LockBox is a website that functions similarly to a bank vault, allowing users to deliver contents such as image, video, audio, and document files that recipients receive in the future. It offers a safe, simple and reliable place to store and share memorabilia online.

You may think that it’s yet another virtual online storage system. But according to the entrepreneurs behind this start-up, it’s more than that. According to Sanjay Maharai, President & CEO of Virtual LockBox, “We wanted technology to connect and enhance human relationships. By connecting the present to the future, Virtual LockBox enables users to impact and add value to the future of those they care about in total privacy in today’s world of transparency.”


The site allows you to document your life, your legacy, your achievements, your story, and your values and share them with your friends and family at the time of your choosing. Knowing that if you suddenly left this world, your final thoughts and messages to your loved ones will live on. You can also create messages for your friends and family members to receive on their birthdays and anniversaries.

In short, the site helps you better share and capture life’s precious memories with your closed ones, be it your spouse, parents, or even your children.

Signing up for an account is easy – fill in the online registration form and click on the link provided in the confirmation email. Once done, you can start adding a “lockbox”. There are three options to choose from – Date Driven (send items to a recipient and they can only be unlocked on a specific date you’ve set), Event Driven (share your life and legacy by writing an autobiography, accompanied with precious photos, even after you’ve passed away), and Life Driven (documents are stored online safely and you can send them when the time is right).

Virtual LockBox’s free version offers users a 100MB storage. If you’d like to have more storage, you can purchase them.

Virtual LockBox is based in Vancouver, Canada, and it’s a project of ShareMyLife Inc.