Visible Tweets: One of the Coolest Ways to Visualize Tweets

tweetsCreated by The Man in Blue, Visible Tweets is a visulatization of tweets designed for display in public spaces. Dubbed as “one of the coolest and exciting ways to visualize Twitter updates”, this amazing website which is powered by Flash grabs the latest statuses related to the keyword you want it to display from Twitter Search. For example, I punched in the word “Apple” into search bar and hit “Go”. By default, letter by letter would start falling from nowhere and form a sentence accompanied by a thumbnail of the user and time stamp.


If you don’t like the letter by letter animation, you can select other options such as rotation or tag cloud which are quite interesting too. For each tweet, there will be a different background color to enhance your visualization. ├é┬áHonestly speaking, Visible Tweets is indeed an absolute bliss and a reward for your eyes. Try it out, it’s pretty cool! I wish that the folks behind this website were to embed some songs playing in the background, then it would boost the atmosphere.