What Are The Three-Way Communications In Social Web?

web20_socialIf you say One-Way Communication is Early/Static Web Sites, then Two-Way Communication got to be Early Web Applications. In today’s advanced technology world, Social Web Applications are made up of many different communications. The typical quantity is listed in three ways – Action, Display and Feedback. With these three ways, it can be combined to form a complete Social Website. Here are some examples of popular social platform such as Google, Flickr, Twitter, Digg, etc.

In Amazon, the most important feature for customers (users) is writing a product review (that’s the action). Customers always write it voluntarily. The visitors who would want to purchase a product will check out the reviews (known as display). Amazon will then give them that they want to get. For example, the visitors who read the reviews may consider whether it’s helpful to them or not, and vote or comment. In this case, it’s called feedback which is the last procedure of this whole process.

In Delicious, the action is by saving or tagging a bookmark and display the bookmarks to many pages such as “most popular”, “related tags”, etc. The feedbacks are usually re-saving the bookmark, tag it or vote it.

In Digg, it’s obvious that the action is by submitting a news article or sometimes even some interesting vidoes, images and blog posts. And Digg will display the news story on homepage, category page or popular page, Digg will also recommend this news story to other users. Of course, the feedback is either Digg or Bury, and also you can share, that’s another type of feedback.

In Flickr, uploading and tagging a picture is basically what you can do on the photo-sharing platform. That will be known as your action. Also, your photo will be displayed under the Interestingness, Popularity and Clusters sections. If some users are interested in your picture, they might tag it or set favorites, that’s the feedback.

In Google, the action is quite different since a search engine isn’t a platform. This is when creating a webpage will be your action. Google will display your webpage on relevant results. The feedback is quite special too, links between webpages will be the most important factor of feedback. Not only that, clicking on search results can affect the result too.

In Twitter, the action is quite simple. Everyone can update the latest status effortlessly . These statuses will be displayed on your Friends Timeline, User Timeline and Public Timeline. The feedback can be Re-Tweet, setting your favorites tweets, reply and last but not least Direct Messaging.

In Wikipedia, you can start an new article freely, that’s the action. The content will be displayed on the article page. And the feedback is relatively simple – editing the article.

In YouTube, the action is uploading a video, and the video can be played on YouTube website or embedded in blogs. The feedback can be Favorite it, Share it, Vote it or Embed it.

From the above examples, it clearly shows that Three-Way Communication is indeed important in building/developing into a popular social website. If you’ve any thoughts or opinions which you’d like to voice it out, simply post a comment. Also, if you like this article, don’t forget to Subscribe to our RSS Feeds below. Thanks!