W.H.S.R Offers Unbiased Web Hosting Reviews


If you are looking for a reliable and affordable web host to host your blog or website but could not make the right decision, then this is when Web Hosting Secret Revealed (W.H.S.R) comes in really handy. It offers unbiased and useful web hosting reviews and guides that will help you make that crucial decision of choosing the right web host.

Head over to W.H.S.R and you will see a ton of rich resources there. Jerry, the guy behind W.H.S.R, has listed a detailed and informative review of the best web host he thinks it is reliable and affordable for each award winner. What I like about W.H.S.R is that it goes a step further than any other web hosting review sites by providing an extensive description, features overview, screenshots, and customers’ quotes of that particular web hosting company.

If you are a newbie who know nuts about web hosting, W.H.S.R also offers free and useful guides that help you expand your knowledge about web hosting, all under the “Web Hosting 101 Classroom“. With these guides, you can know what is web hosting and domain name all about, how to select a good web host that suits your needs, must know pitfalls in web hosting, difference between Unix hosting and Windows hosting, etc.

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